7 Questions with Nate Phelps

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by Ryan Meehan

Nate Phelps is the son of the recently deceased Pastor Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church, which gained infamy from their protests at soldiers’ funerals around the United States. He is the sixth of thirteen children, and was taught his father’s extreme version of Calvinism from an early age. This was accompanied by extreme physical punishments and abuse, extreme dietary and health requirements, and other extreme expectations. Nate left home at midnight on his eighteenth birthday, and moved to California where he built a new life away from his family. He later moved to Canada, and only recently began speaking out about his story after a chance encounter with a reporter while driving a cab in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Nate has now spoken about his story to many groups around North America, and even returned home to Topeka in 2010 to tell his story to the…

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NFL Week Thirteen Preview

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by Ryan Meehan and Coach Ryan
Thanksgiving is upon us, meaning the holidays are in full swing.  So I’d like to step on my soapbox for a minute and remind everyone to please support your local businesses whenever possible.  It puts money back into the community, but it’s YOUR community.  It increases sales tax revenue that is used to fund projects in the places where you live.  So this year, skip Amazon and go to your local bookstore.  What was this article supposed to be about?  That’s right…football.  Time for gathering around the table and sharing some more dry tasting food for yet another year.  This week there are some great games, so let’s see what’s going down…

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by Ryan Meehan

Life has a way of letting us know what we’re supposed to do and when we’re supposed to do it. We can distract ourselves, but life is persistent. Jessica Hernandez knows that. She knows that no matter what gets in the way, time won’t stop for anyone. Be it struggles or triumphs, Hernandez is ready for whatever, whenever Never one to adhere to norms or outside pressures, Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas have learned lesson after lesson along their rise as one of Detroit’s favorite bands. They’ve honed their craft in sell-out shows and tours than span the nation. It’s easiest to classify Hernandez by seeing the people that come to every show. All races, all ages, all fans of good music.  Jessica is first-generation American grew up in and around Detroit. There are few regions more impressing as the nitty-gritty of Rock City and it…

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by Ryan Meehan and Coach Ryan

Week seven in the NFL gave everyone a fresh start, as almost everybody didn’t look like the teams we’ve come to know them as being.  Injuries were once agin huge here, as several notable players were deemed out for the year once Monday morning rolled around.  We have one undefeated team left, and a lot of teams who are just a step behind.  Let’s check out what happened in week seven…

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Allison Carter Thomas

by Ryan Meehan

Allison Carter Thomas is an award winning actress in both comedy and drama. Her career began with a win for Best Supporting actress for the role of Hilary in the comedy feature “All Screwed Up” (On demand, Amazon, I Tunes, and screened at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival)  She was a season one cast member of MTV’s hit series “Girlcode”, and appeared in the sequel to the IFC cult classic “My Life’s in Turnaround” which was directed by Eric Schaeffer.  Allison was also a lead in the IFC series “Greg the Bunny”, and she’s our guest today in 5 questions.

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by Ryan Meehan

Record:  Hyper Crush: “Night Wave”

Release Date:  02/07/12

Written By:  Steve Love (Donny Fontaine), Preston Moronie (Patrick Ridge), and Angelina Araya (Holly Valentine)

Lately the theme of mixing work with pleasure seems to be coming up in my life more than usual, and this album review is no exception.  Although I do find writing for FOH to be pleasurable, keep in mind when critiquing entertainment, we have to be objective here because what we do IS business.

That being said, it kills me to have to give the following review for two reasons:  1)  I’ve been a big fan of Hyper Crush for a while now, and 2)  They were cool enough to be our guest in 5 Questions a couple of years ago.  Portions of this album had been released over the course of the past ten months, so a couple of these tracks I had already heard. …

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By Ryan Meehan

Having spent several years lauded as one of the frontrunners in their genre, in 2013 Whitechapel stand as a defining force in contemporary heavy music. Building dramatically on the trademarked bludgeon of their first three releases, with “Whitechapel” the Tennessean sextet have inarguably delivered their most intense, dynamic, and downright hostile record to date. Drenched in atmospheric darkness, the record is also rife with gripping melodies that drag the listener in to the tumult, willing or otherwise, and across its ten tracks it is infused with an emotional depth that pointedly separates the band from the plethora of two-dimensional mosh-starters that have sprung up in their wake. Setting the scene with the brooding piano that prefaces the storm of frantic riffs and pulverizing drums of opener “Make It Bleed”, it is clear that Whitechapel are coming from a place of pure darkness this time out. At times…

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